For all employees of Evergreen Disposal and Valley Recycling, we hold the following as a Vision of our Company and the values that guide us.


The success or failure of our company is in the hands of our leaders and employees. We as leaders of Evergreen Disposal and Valley Recycling will take responsibility for our actions and the safety of the communities we serve. We will pass down our knowledge, skills, and values to our employees so we will be true to our customers, our goals, values, purpose, and the outcome of our business as a whole.


We show respect for our customers, fellow employees, and strive to protect the beauty and integrity of the Flathead Valley. Respect for ourselves and our fellow employees grows through all the hard work and great service we provide to the communities we are privileged to serve.


Know that there is reward in every part of our job and with every employee. When we see our importance and worth in the service we provide to our Customers, we set higher standards for Ourselves and the Company.